rollbit bonus battle main screen

Rollbit Bonus Battles

Rollbit is again stepping up their game bringing an entirely new feature to the casino space! It has been some time since a Casino has innovated and brought something new to the table. Rollbit Bonus Battles allow users to create a competition among users where each user buys the bonus for a preset amount. The biggest multiplier takes all the money!!

Go to battle with your friends, or join one of the many battles users have already created. You can either win big or lose everything, either way it has brought a much needed head to head gaming aspect to slot play.

Bonus Battle Rules

  • Each Bonus Battle consists of 1-4 users.
  • You can create your own battle or join battles already created by other users.
  • Slots that allow bonus buys are supported.
  • Bonus buy amounts: $2.50 – $50,000. This depends on the game chosen.
  • After completion the user with the biggest win takes the entire pot of winnings.
  • Battles will expire if no users join.
  • Option to auto-start the battle if it expires and at least 2 users have joined regardless if the battle was set for 3 or 4 users.
Rollbit Bonus Buy Battles Winning Screen

This is such an exciting feature that takes slots to a whole new level. Rollbit continues to innovate and not be satisfied with being just another casino. They have also doubled the rake back from Bonus Battles for a limited time. Rollbit is already a leader in giving back to it’s users and this is just icing on the cake!