win a rolex submariner watch

Thanks again to the Internet for having everything that is so great and wonderful at our fingertips. We have found a way to try and win a Rolex Submariner watch for a fraction of the cost. Rolex’s most popular dive watch. How do you ask? Introducing Hypedrop! Hypedrop is an Online Mystery Box website that lets you open hundreds of different mystery boxes with incredible items up for grabs including a Rolex Submariner. Let’s check this out and the latest Hypedrop promo codes.

How does Hypedrop Work?

Hypedrop creates a mystery box full of many different items. Each mystery box can contain a dozen or more items of varying value. A user opens the mystery box for a set fee. The higher the mystery box fee, the more expensive the items inside the box are. The odds for winning any of the items are listed on the site. If you win an item that you want to keep, you can have it shipped to you. If you do not want the item, you can immediately sell it back to hypedrop. You can either then cash out your winnings or continue opening mystery boxes. Hypedrop uses the same provably fair methods that online Casinos utilize.

You can open Mystery Boxes on your own, or you can battle other users opening the same mystery box and the winner takes all.

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Which Mystery Boxes Contain the Rolex Submariner?

The following Mystery Boxes on Hypedrop include the Rolex Submariner as a potential prize. The odds of winning the Rolex Submariner are different in each of the Mystery boxes depending on price.

  • WatchGamesTV Mystery Box
    • – Cost: $170.83
    • – Prize Potential: $0.75 – $50,000.00
    • – Prizes in box: 32
  • Lamborghini Mystery Box
    • – Cost: $507.62
    • – Prize Potential: $25.00 – $309,991.00
    • – Prizes in box: 37
  • Rich Influencer Mystery Box
    • – Cost: $497.86
    • – Prize Potential: $100.00 – $28,770.00
    • – Prizes in box: 45
  • Watch This Mystery Box
    • – Cost: $5,319.19
    • – Prize Potential: $120.00 – $932,568.00
    • – Prizes in box: 41

How can I sign-up to try and Win a Rolex Submariner?

You can sign up to Hypedrop by clicking HERE – Have fun and remember to play responsibly.

Hypedrop Promo Codes

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