CryptoPunks are currently one of the most valuable NFT collections on the planet. They Launched in 2017 with 10,000 variations of the Punk. CryptoPunks have sold in the NFT Marketplace for millions of dollars and continue to be traded everyday. Acquiring a CryptoPunk for under a few hundred thousand dollars is an extremely hard task. Here is a snapshot of some recent sales of Punks. Here is a unique opportunity to gamble and win a CryptoPunk NFT

win a cryptopunk nft

How Can I Win a CryptoPunk?

Enter Rollbit Crypto Casino and their NFT Rollboxes. Rollboxes are Mystery boxes with popular high value NFTs and cash prizes.

Currently there is one Rollbox with CryptoPunk NFT #6534 listed as a prize. It has a value of $450k. The cost to play the Rollbox and try for a chance to win the CryptoPunk NFT is $428.95 per play. There are seven possible outcomes when you play this NFT Rollbox. You can either win the CryptoPunk NFT, five cash prizes, or hit nothing. Here is a breakdown of the prizes and the odds of winning:

Prize% odds1 in odds
Prize 1CryptoPunk #65340.010%1 in 10,000
Prize 2$50002.5%1 in 40
Prize 3$100010%1 in 10
Prize 4$50010%1 in 10
Prize 5$25020%1 in 5
Prize 6$15025%1 in 4
Prize 7LOSS32.49%1 in 3
* These odds were taken from Rollbits website and may change. *

Rollbit uses provable fair methods for their Rollboxes. You can view the server seed hash for the Rollboxes and any of their house games. This is a standard method used across Casinos to ensure fair play.

With Those Odds Can I really win?

Yes 1 in 10,000 is very much winnable odds. Of course, it is rare, but it does happen. In fact, it has happened twice of which we are aware. Two different Rollbit users won the CryptoPunk and Rollbit purchased the Punk back and relisted the NFT in the Rollbox.

If you want to give it a go and try your luck at winning the CryptoPunk NFT – Signup to Rollbit. Please use code: unboxNFT

Good Luck and Remember to gamble responsibly. If you win any of the NFTs on Rollbit we would love to hear about it! Hit us up on our social media.