Rollbit has introduced a new Cryptocurrency token RLB, and it will be launched on the Solana Blockchain. Information is extremely limited at this point, but we do know that RLB Token holders that stake their RLB will earn a share of Rollbit Casino profits. Supply and value are currently not known. Rollbit did recently release limited information to users on their discord server.

Rollbit has proven itself to not just be another Casino. They recently successfully launched a NFT collection called Rollbots and also launched a NFT Marketplace with No gas fees. Do you want to get in early on RLB? Keep reading.

Rollbit RLB Token Information

  • 1000 RLB Tokens were recently distributed to Rollbit users that had at least 1 deposit before the initial pre-launch.
  • 100 RLB Tokens will be distributed to all new users on the casino website. Sign-up here! Use Promo Code: highrollslots
  • 100 RLB Tokens will be distributed to a user for each NFT deposit on their NFT Marketplace.

Edit: A RLB Token metric has been added to all Rollbot NFTs. It looks like they have associated a certain amount of RLB tokens to each Rollbot in their NFT collection.

Additionally, there is another opportunity to earn more tokens by wagering on Rollbits house Casino game X-Crash. If a user has a Rollbot NFT linked to their user profile they can earn 1 RLB for every $1 wagered on X-Crash. For users that do not have a Rollbot linked to their profile, they will earn 0.1 RLB for every $1 wagered.

Rollbit says they will soon support RLB deposits and withdrawals. They have big plans for the Rollbit RLB token and will be releasing more information on the token and its unmatched utility.

Where can I Buy and Mine Rollbit RLB Tokens?

You cannot buy RLB just yet. The only place to earn RLB Tokens is on the Rollbit website. Signup and earn a free 100 RLB Tokens. Additional RLB can be mined through NFT Deposits on the Marketplace and by wagering on the game X-Crash.